Build a Technical Documentation Page any idea

this is my first project
but its not complete yet
this link the project :

and this notes from FreeCodeCamp need some help from you
this link

Hi, for your first project, are you making your own profile as your tribute page? or are you making the portfolio project first?

If you work your project in sequence as how freecodecamp curriculum is, it will be easier as you progress.

And referencing from the freecodecamp, it will be easy if you write the code according to the user story required.

User Story #1:* I can see a main element with a corresponding id="main-doc" , which contains the page’s main content (technical documentation).

In HTML, you will write:

main id = “main-doc”

User Story #2:* Within the #main-doc element, I can see several section elements, each with a class of main-section . There should be a minimum of 5.

Use this in your CSS:

#main-doc {


and so on.

For technical documentation page ideas, you can use the example given by freecodecamp as several fellow campers also use that example. And if you want something different, you can look into some other technical documentation like HTML, CSS, Python, Bootstrap, etc documentation. Just make sure to provide the reference/source where you have taken the info from.

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