Build a Technical Documentation Page: Cannot find how to scroll down the navbar

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Hi there

I can easily pass all the user stories for this challenge. However I couldn’t figure out how to scroll down the vertical navbar. Using overflow does not work with the rest of my code.

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Challenge: Build a Technical Documentation Page

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Hi @softelec
don’t know if its the best solution but if you add height the scroll bar should show up.

Change the properties of position and add height for the id navbar.

Hi this took a little while but your problem is you used position fixed on your nav element. Try using css grid to handle your page layout and add overflow-y:scroll; to your nav element. Also cover your entire page with a body tag except your script tag. I would advice you get yourself a code editor like vsCode or sublime text that have code formatting to make your life so much easier

This is not necessary in codepen, codepen adds the body tag for you.

Thanks guys!

I was not expecting a so quick reply.

Now the display is as expected.

Thanks again.

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