Build a Technical Documentation Page, will it be good enough?


I have a general question. I’m currently making all the responsive webdesign pages.
It’s not too difficult too achieve.

Is it a big problem that the looks of it aren’t that great if all the user story’s are done?

Here’s my Technical document. It’s almost done, and textwise just a copy from an other site. if this is done, will it be good enough?

I’m planning to make the portfolio a lot better because that’s the one I will update constantly.

Thank you for your feedback.

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Link to the challenge:

i have seen it, it look good but it didn’t pass all the test you should do something about it.

It doesn’t matter if it looks great however, this is an opportunity to add something to your portfolio so you should do the best you can.

Honestly it looks pretty good. Just need to pass the last two tests.

Sorry but your project is not responsive. Look at this a horizontal scrollbar:

And small viewport:

At mobile devices the sidebar can go to the top of the page and your content can take full with of the viewport. Use media queries to fix it.

And please make your section headers ( Introduction, Background And Motivation etc.) hightlighted: bolder, bigger or something else.

Make attention for similar parts like this - “This section is not normative” (italic is not enough):

It’s important to pay attantion to text like this one.

Have a nice coding.

thanks for your feedback. I’m going to adjust the font etc when I get all the content in.

I know it’s not responsive yet, I am still working on that.