Build a Technical Documentation Page

Hello everyone!

I’ve been stuck with this solution: The first child of each .main-section should be a header element.

I don’t know, maybe it’s some kind of a bug but I don’t see something wrong and it still not marked.

Will really appreciate some guidance here :slight_smile:

Here’s my code:

You have syntax errors you need to fix. You can paste your code in an html validator for that:

`<link rel="stylesheet" href="C:\Users\tekoo\Desktop\doc.css">`

Also, this can’t be loaded, as it’s on your pc

Thank you for the reply.
Well, I think it’s not neccessary to add:

That stylesheet doc.css in codepen.

I just put my work on codepen and Visual Studio Code to look at mistakes and nothing.
So I don’t understand :stuck_out_tongue:

validate your html and fix the errors

I got it, found it and fixed :slight_smile: Thank you for your help and that website!

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