Build a Tribute Page: Center Img (Grid) bug? HELP!

Ok so im 9/10 on the test 2bh css doesnt intrest me atall i just thought i shud go over it atleast brelify but design isnt my thing. the last part is " User Story #9: The img element should be centered within its parent element."

now im sure ive done this when i apply my css i see my image along with its caption it being centered inside there parent div with the id of div-img but it doesnt pass the checks so maybe im mad and alough im moving it to look centered on my screen it isnt actually centering it. any help appreacted

here is my codepen:

sorry the design is pretty basic i just wanna pass and get back into some javascript

Link to the challenge:

I would change the structure of your app a little bit.

It’s expecting you to center the image but obviously it’s skewed to the left. I would create a new row, wrap your image inside that row div and center it there.

it wants it centered in its parent which is taking up the first (leftmost) 30% of the screen only. are you saying the image has to be dead center in the screen to pass?

if i get rid of the need for my image to resize correctly it does actually pass this part

Technically you can just use max-width: 100%; on #image instead 95%

wow im suchadumbass…

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No problem, I just wanted to let you know.