Build a Tribute Page (First Glance Evaluation)

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I think I’m 70% complete with my tribute page (I’m now playing/practicing around with CSS because I want to create a page worthy of the man I admire).

I then tested it with the FCC Test Suite Template and the result was “Tests 8/10” with red background.

Does that mean that I failed 8/10 coding tests I’m supposed to pass.

For any experienced coders out there that have the time to evaluate my page, can you critique my page?

I’ll post the codepen link below.

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For the images you can alter them like this:

You can also include image overlay’s like this:

For inspiration, check out my tools below:


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Helpful tools–>

Thank you for the valuable helping hand.

I’ll be sure to maximise the resources you gave me for future learning/references.


I’ve actually one question.

How do I pass the the FCC’s Tribute Page Test Suite?

If you actually passed the test, can you give me a bit of guidance on passing the test?

The page is not yet fully responsive. You just need to add in css just a couple of lines like:

img {
  max-width: 100%;
  margin: 0 auto;

Happy coding.

I wouldn’t say worry about the tests.

When you submit it, FCC doesn’t check anyways.

I suggest going off, using the tools i posted (, get inspiration, and improve your webpage. All of the links are very important and are tools i use (except chrome tools).

Lean flexbox. It helped me so much.

Okay, I’ll spend several hours a day studying the materials you’ve given to me.

Thank you! :grinning::grin:

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