Build a Tribute Page-FreeCodeCamp

Hello everyone :smiley: this is my first time posting here :slight_smile:
Here is my built tribute page and it’s also the first one i ever made :slight_smile:

any feedback would be very much apreciated.

That’s quite a great quote you started off with! (I will have to remember that one!) I have some concerns though about the responsiveness of the page because when I reduced my browser window down to a thin width (to simulate a mobile phone width) the page scrolled off-screen.

Some other things you might want to consider is your choice of colors. They’re not very complimentary to each other (pink and beige and lilac and dark blue).

Also pls add some right-margin to your information cards because the text comes too close to the edge right now.

Great start on your web-development career!

Thank you verry much for your feedback i appreciate it :smiley: about the colors thing, to be honest i too didn’t really like it , it didn’t turn out how i wanted it to be, I’ll have to make some changes on them and margin too i didn’t notice only untill u told me :slight_smile: anyway thanks again