Build a Tribute Page. Need some advice and suggestion

Any reference that you can suggest for the Challenge and advice in doing it right. :slight_smile:

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What do you mean? They give you a reference.


There are some tutorials online - just google ‘FCC tribute page tutorial’.

Most of these use Bootstrap which in my opinion is a bad idea but apparently I’m in the minority.

Don’t sweat it - 8 of the 10 test can be passed by simply putting the right <div> elements on the page and including one image and one link. Just follow the instructions carefully on the nesting.

The other two tests are satisfied by making your image responsive and centering it on the page. A little CSS (or Bootstrap) magic takes care of that.

The rest is tweaking the design elements to create a pleasing, functional page. Search for “tribute” to see examples from others to get ideas and inspiration.

Good luck on your project

Thank you for the response! it will help a lot. :slight_smile: