"build-a-tribute-page" please help me

Hi guys, I have a problem with my tribute page .So, I have two errors and I don’t know how to solve them , so the first error tells me that Within the “img-div” element, I should see either a "figcaption "or “div” element with a corresponding id=“img-caption” that contains textual content describing the image shown in “img-div”. while the second one says . The element should responsively resize, relative to the width of its parent element, without exceeding its original size. Can someone please help me out.

Hi, you need to read the error messages for each error. They explain what you need to do.

#Layuout error: You are being asked to set the display property of the image to block, not max-width. This will still keep it responsive. To center the image add margin: 0 auto;

#Content error: You need to add an element inside the “img-div” element. It is explained in the error message.

Hope this helps.

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thanks it helped :hugs: