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How do I upload pictures (be it JPEG, PNG, or even any picture file format for the matter that I may not aware of as a beginner) from my laptop to my Tribute Page Project’s Pen platform? I’m building the page on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript programs.

Previously, I tried tiny pic dot com but I think for 2 reasons:
-First, I uploaded the pictures through that website but I didn’t sign up for the account, so they deleted it. (From

-Second, I couldn’t access the website from where I’m from (I’m Malaysian)

Hopefully, the veteran coders can help save this young man’s life :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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You might look at using, and to host images for codepen. You shouldn’t have to pay for an account but you will probably need to register.

I believe that if you have a paid membership to codepen then you can host images there too.

Thanks for the information, Hazen! :grin::heart_eyes: