Build a Tribute Page: Tribute to Alan Turing

Hi guys.
I just finished this assignment. I am rather new to this, so it took me longer then I expected.
Anyways, hope you like it.

Tribute to Alan Turing


Awesome tribute page :slight_smile: I thought the sliding caption on the picture was awesome and a really cool touch. Just a beginner myself so can’t really give you advice or anything. Cool work.

Thanks Cody. I am looking at this page right now and see so many ways to improve it:) You know, it’s easy to see mistakes when it’s online.

Very nice work, rendertom.
And difficult to imagine someone more worthy of a tribute from us coders.
Good Luck on your journey.

Hello, your page looks quite nice. Do you mind looking over my page:
It still doesn’t look quite right. Thank you.