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Build first real world Chat App

Plss give your valuable feedback on it..


Hi Gaurav,
I just saw your Chat App. It was good, very simple and liked it. May I know how did you do this? I liked that how it can be used anonymously.

Works. Simply elegant. I’m kinda new to this, but when I click into the usernames input of other projects, I get a selector list from Window of my previously used user names. This is probably not a thing, just something I noticed.

I used express, node, web sockets .

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since it is a input field that’s why you are getting record of your previously written usernames…

looks awesome man if you add a fixed or max height of like 70vh to the .chat-messages the messages should stay contained and the page wont keep getting longer

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Same remark as Joshua-Icenogle,

Good app, but there is a mistake with the chat. You need to limit the height to keep the chat inside a container and have the possibility to scroll

Have a nice code !

Hey, Thanks alot…Well, you can add him/her by asking him/her to open url and fill username and room. If u and your friend are in same room, you can chat anytime, anylong…
And for video, I am working on it.

Dear Gaurav,

Its a great initiative. Is it end to end encrypted video calls?