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Make an object that represents a dog called myDog which contains the properties "name" (a string), "legs" , "tails" and "friends" .

You can set these object properties to whatever values you want, as long as "name" is a string, "legs" and "tails" are numbers, and "friends" is an array.

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var myDog = {
// Only change code below this line

myDog = {“name”: “Joe”, “legs”: 4, “tails”: 1,
“friends”: [“many”, “Ade”]};

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Challenge: Build JavaScript Objects

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What’s your question. What errors do you have?

SyntaxError: unknown: Unexpected character ‘“’ (4:9)

Ah, it looks like you have smart quotes. You want regular quotes ".

I fixed it but now it says “SyntaxError: unknown: Unexpected token, expected “,” (5:27)”

Closer. Look closely at the example compared to your code. You have myDog twice. You have two sets of {} .