Build more portfolio projects or do unpaid internships/volunteer work?

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Hey @cyrilcabo!

I know that Josh talks a lot about this on his channel but in my personal opinion you should apply within reason. For example, if there is a job out there where you have a lot of the qualifications but maybe there are a couple of libraries or frameworks that you haven’t worked with they might take a chance on you if you are really strong overall. But when it comes to a job like a PHP developer and you have never written a line of code in PHP in your life then the chances of you getting that job are pretty slim.

I am a beginner as well but I can’t imagine a company waiting for you to learn PHP before you could even start the job when they could just hire someone else. It would be different if you were already working at that company and they asked you to learn a new language.

There is a lot of competition for entry level jobs so it is not uncommon for it to take a while until you get that first job. I would also imagine that things are especially weird during covid times.

I think you just need to be patient and keep applying.

Hope that helps!

Happy coding!

Yes, though I enjoy most of his videos, I take Joshua’s advice with a grain of salt. And I would never apply for a PHP developer position again, I looked like a fool in front of the interviewer (Though, in my defense, in their job posting, they only mentioned “Web Developer”). Anyway, thank you for your insight! Maybe I’ll just keep on networking and applying for jobs.

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Also if you want more people to review your resume and portfolio you could try creating a new post to look something like this.

Topic title: Am I job ready? Please look at resume and portfolio

Hey there!

I am currently applying for full stack jobs but haven’t had much luck. I want to know if my resume and portfolio are job ready.

Here is a link to my resume (link)
Here is a link to my portfolio (link)


You could try that approach and see if more people will respond to your post and give you feed back on your work.

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or you could change the title of this thread

Hey kabayan. You should check OLX.PH / Carousel you can post or get some gigs on that site or you can offer it for free just for experience. And you should stop watching Joshua Fluke LOL sometimes he sound so bitter and toxic. I was a big fan of him but I am getting tired/annoyed watching him whine or complain about things.

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