Building a balance sheet step 27 (solved)

can someone please tell me where i’m going wrong here

            <caption>Net Worth</caption>
              <th><span class="sr-only">2019</span></th>
              <th><span class="sr-only">2020</span></th>
              <th><span class="sr-only">2021</span></th>
              <tr class="total">
                <th>Total <span class="sr-only">Net Worth</span></th>
                <td class="current">$334</td>

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Challenge: Step 27

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What are you trying to do? What part isn’t working correctly? How have you tried to solve the problem so far?

its asking within the tbody to add a new tr with a class of total which i have done then in that its asks you to add a th with the text total net worth and to wrap a span around net worth which i done but it still saying that your tbody element should have one tr element

Total Net Worth $-171 $136 $334

Nothing is wrong with the code. I tried it as well but similar error and then I rewrote the code again, this time it was accepted. Same code but this time, better result.

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