Building a blog?

Hello everyone,

I am interested in building a blog from scratch using just html, CSS and JS.

Is this possible without using/having to learn a CMS? And if not, which CMS would be best to learn (preferably one which could be learnt to a functional level in a reasonably short amount of time). I am still a newbie, which is why I have doubts about this and what can be done etc.

Grateful for any input.

Why do you want to learn HTML, CSS, and JS? We must say that you must go for WordPress. WordPress is the leading CMS platform that powers more than 40% of websites and that is why many popular sites are built on it.

We are not saying that don’t learn the computer languages which you have mentioned. But just for blogging, it is better to go with the WordPress. The updated plugins and themes in its directory will help you build a compelling blogging website.



depends on

You just want to set up a blog:
Wordpress will get you a fast start.

You want to learn to code:
It’s possible with HTML/CSS and JS. You will need Node.js/ Express for the backend plus a database to store, edit and retrieve your posts.

A blog is a fullstack CRUD application, a challenge if you are a newbie, but doable.

that is the info. was looking for . thank you

It can be a static site with blog posts generated from markdown files. The only issue with this approach is that it needs to be rebuilt every time you update or write a new post.

It is a common approach though because most people do not make changes or write posts that often.

You can use a static site generator like 11ty, Jekyll, etc., or a framework like Astro.

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