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Can you please explain the the process of building a cat photo step 12

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The instruction is asking you to turn a group of words into a link.

Read, and reread the instructions as most people find this one challenging.

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Welcome to the community @Agentcoder!

Here is a great article found in the FCC News category, that explains, along with providing good examples, on how to turn both text and images into links.

FCC News Article Turn Image and Text Into Links

It can help you now, and with future challenges.

I find it to be a good resource.

As well, if we review the example provided in the step,

<p>I think <a href="">freeCodeCamp</a> is great.</p>

we can see how the a anchor is touching, on both sides, the text to be turned into a link.

Nothing is to be changed, only adding the link.

Happy coding!

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Thanks,I really appreciate your help @Gray.n.Grey

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Okay,thank you brother

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