Building a Registration Form step 60

The farther I get into the curriculum the more mysterious the instructions become. After the rules change in the Forum I am mostly only seeing “read and understand the instructions”. Almost never anything helpful. This will take me multiple lifetimes to complete the curriculum.

input [type=“file”] {
padding: 1px 2px;

Do you have a space between input and [type="file"]? A space in there means the selector is looking for an element that has [type="file"] and is a descendant of an input. Without a space it means that the selector is looking for an input with [type="file"].

Thank You! I spent all day on this because of a space!!!

Ya, usually spaces don’t make that much of a difference, but in CSS they make a big difference.

This feature (space or no-space) has not been mentioned in any of the lessons so far. I will have to add this to my notes. Thanks again bbsmooth, I am forever grateful.

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