Building a Survey form - I could use some hints 9/17 done so far

I build this survey form which I know is boring looking. Since I try focusing going trough the guide step by step.

I got 9/17 so far and I am stuck would love to get some feedback/hints how to fix things.
I will see an HTML5 validation error. That is one part I don’t understand so far. Not sure what else i did wrong. It at least not the first 3 steps.

Just click the red button after running tests. You will see why your code is not passing the tests. I think for your case, you didn’t follow the instructions. For example your code is supposed to have a header enclosed in <h1> </h1> tag which you don’t have.

Yes i know how the red button works but it doesn;t say what part doesn’t pass just 9/17.
also what u mean excatly with header enclosed i don’t understand isn’t that this part?

<h1 id="title"> Rabbit Survery </h1>

thnx for the reply thou

Actually it does tell you what the problem is and where it is. After clicking Run tests, a red button with number of tests passed will appear i.e. 9/17
then click the red button with 9/17. A dialog will appear indicating all the errors, where they occur and why.

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To add on to that, one of the mistakes you are making is failing to include type attribute to your input elements. For example your input field for email should have type = email not type =text. I hope this points you in the right direction
Cheers, :smiley:

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