C++ CodeLite unresponsive to errors?

I was experimenting with allocating pointers to addresses. I was deliberately trying to make a compiler error

and mismatched variable and pointer type by doing:

int *ptr{nullptr};

double temp{35.5};

    ptr = &temp;

Although I don’t get a compiler error and my program runs? Not only this, but after running, the compiler seems to become completely insensitive to any sort of error and runs anyway? It just runs whatever previously bug-free code was present previously? Hopefully this sounds familiar. I can send screenshots for further clarification

A pointer is a pointer. This should generate a compile time warning but it will run

It doesn’t even seem to mention the error? Also, after doing this, the IDE runs any code I use regardless of any bugs? It becomes insensitive to all erros as a whole? I can screenshots of the problem as its hard to explain, but hopefully I’m making sense and this sounds familiar.

What are your compilation flags?

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