Caesars Cipher - Why isn't it working?

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function rot13(str) { // LBH QVQ VG!
  var codedLetter = "";
  var uncodedLetter = "";  
  var newString = "";
  for(var i=0;i < str.length;i++){
    if(str.indexOf(i) == ""){
      uncodedLetter = " ";
      codedLetter = str.charCodeAt(i)-13;
      uncodedLetter = String.fromCharCode(codedLetter);
      newString = newString + uncodedLetter;
    //return newString;
return newString;
// Change the inputs below to test
rot13("SERR PBQR PNZC");```
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First of all, the following line will always evaluate to false, because indexOf yields integers from -1 through the length of a string minus 1.

if(str.indexOf(i) == ""){ // always evaluates to false

so only your else block of code will execute. In the else block of code, you have the following:

codedLetter = str.charCodeAt(i)-13;
uncodedLetter = String.fromCharCode(codedLetter);

In the example string “SERR PBQR PNZC”, the letter “E” and “C” will not be letters A-Z after you subtract 13 from their ASCII values, because the ASCII values of the letters A-Z are 65-90 respectively. You need to rethink your logic for when values calculate to below 65 after subtracting 13 from the ASCII value.

Also, you need to only convert letters A-Z and not anything else. Your current code does not do that.