Calculator Project, feedback would be appreciated

This is my calculator, build using React.js


It still isn’t reponsive, but I’ll add that later. Please give me your feedback

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There are a few issues:

  • You can input more than one decimal point
  • You can directly type a decimal point at the start but not after that:
    .12*0.23 is possible but .12*.23 is not possible
  • .2*0.1 results in 0.200...004
  • I expected the = button to be at the bottom right (at the position of the divide button), but that is just preference.
  • Not sure why the minus sign is not exactly horizontal
  • Also, why is the plus button twice as big?

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll fix those bugs asap. But the position of the operators are inspired by an old kind of calculator i used to have

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