Campers who got their first programming job... share your story!

Hi All,
Just curious to hear from some folks who got jobs after completing FCC certificate programs. What other learning resources did you use? Just FCC or anything else? How did you get the job? How long did it take? Etc.

I’m just getting started here but would love to find out how this process might go for me, and hearing some success stories from fellow campers would be some great motivation for myself and other folks I’m sure!

Thanks in advance for sharing!


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No one? I know some campers out there must have gotten jobs after FCC??? Well, maybe they’re just not here anymore. Bummer… would love to hear the stories.

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hey @no-stack-dub-sack I just wrote this article that contains my story: I got a job just yesterday and am super excited!

Wow. I meant to reply to this so long ago - I was just checking out my posts and realized I hadn’t. Thanks for sharing your story and congrats! That’s very exciting. I hope to be in the same boat sometime soon!

There’s plenty of camper success stories in this category: