Can anyone help with Atom?


I recently installed Atom on my mac to use for developing my projects, but I’m having trouble with viewing them in my browsers. I have an index.html file and a .css file, and links to the stylesheet all seem to be correct, but the styling is not being applied to my project. Changes I make to the index.html file show up in the browser, but not the .css. Even when I open Chrome Dev Tools, changed made to .css don’t show up. It’s probably a simple solution but I’ve checked and rechecked my code, my filenames folder names etc but I’m now bashing my head against my desk in frustration at this point. Any insight would be appreciated.

Thank you very much,


Show us your html and css code and screenshot of your project folder structure in Atom.

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Hope this helps, thanks again.

Single wrong thing I see is .body - you don’t need the dot it’s an element not class. Apart from that the code you posted should work.

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Okay, I thought it would be something blindly obviously simple, but still thanks you very much for your time and help. Cheers.