Can i be here for android studio questions?

Well im not sure if i can ask for trouble that im having attempting to develop for android studio and well i keep following tutorials but they dont turn out working properly always getting errors. Thanks I hope theres others here who know my struggles with this. I also joined to maybe help others learn when i get to that point.

Hey @IMH!

I personally haven’t worked with android studio but there are a lot of knowledgeable developers in the forum that would be happy to help you if you provided some more information on the issues that you are having.

Are you currently struggling with a specific tutorial? If so, what is the specific issue that you are having?

Are you struggling with learning android development in general?

On the FCC youtube channel, there is a course on Android Development for Beginners you could look into.

Thank you i am going to check it out i seen this before not sure if its the same but I dont know i think i need a better understanding of what app development is in general aswell as different languages and how they differ.

what errors are you encountering ?

well i copy my work exact to the tutorials and then i get errors unlike those in youtube videos.

Yes i get that but you still need to give me some more details in order for me to help you