Can I Please Have A Solution

I started FCC about a couple of months ago and I was really interested in coding so I got my friend into it and he really liked it so every time we go out to have lunch we basically go on our laptops and code which is a good thing right?

I Just have this weird feeling that I don’t seem to take things in and worry if I’ll ever forget To Code one day . Can somebody give me a solution of what I should focus on and what I should do about this.:unamused:`

Focus on coding instead of your weird feelings that seem to have no rational basis. It can take a while for this stuff to sink in.

I’m not sure what kind of solution you’re asking for. Do you have some specific problem with coding?

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Well a bit because when I do a task yes like you said it does take a bit to sink in but I don’t really still remember how some elements work. I might frequently use the Read-Search-Ask solution a lot so maybe that’s just what I could be looking for.

I don’t really remember how some elements work, either. I have to look up how to make an Express app every time I start one. I often forget how to make HTML forms. After I learned Rails, I forgot how to make toast. Relax and bookmark lots of online documentation.

People tend to think of the human mind like a bucket that you can dump information into. I find that it’s more like a big, wet, paper bag. Sure, you can fit a lot of stuff in it, but as soon as you move it around you lose everything.

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Thanks for the support :grin:

Go back through some sections. If you aren’t quite sure about some js, redo the javascript challenges. Repetition can help solidify concepts. Heck, if your friend gets it and you don’t ask him how he got there. Mentoring should go both ways. There is an old axiom: “Avoid a mentor that refuses to learn from his Mentee.” - Some Smart Dude.

@dfeuster Thanks :wink: I like the quote too.

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The reality is you won’t remember everything. You have better chance of forgetting than it is remembering.

There are 181 css properties and 120 HTML elements.
687 WebAPI and who knows how many more in DOM and JS.
To remember everything is impossible.

Better to master a few things well, build a nice mind blowing portfolio and move on. :smiley:

Don’t worry too much about it. Learning is a cyclic process, it goes something like this:

Many times you will have to revisit what you’ve learned until it clicks. Sometimes things will only click years after you’ve first seen them.

There’s no solution as such, but I can offer you a little tip that will help you a lot: Don’t underestimate the applying part of the cycle. Only after being able to use what you’ve learned to solve a real problem you will start to get a deeper understanding of the concept. Memorising stuff is meaningless, but understand a concept truly and you will never forget it.

This is especially true in programming, where you have many languages that implement the same concepts over and over, just with different syntax. If you only learn the syntax, you will have a hard time. But if you master the logic behind it, then learning a new language will be (almost) as easy as learning a new syntax.

This reply is becoming much longer than I anticipated, so I’ll stop it here, but I do hope this helps you a little!

True you cant remember everything but what helps me is … I make little of some of the stuff i learn … then later when im doing something and i go dam forgot how that works … i can either google or go to one of my repls … other than that i bookmark sites that have good reference for what im learning eg for flexbox i always go straight to a page on css-tricks
There is just way to much to remember … and everyday i seem to be having to learn about something else … so i just have to remember what i can and make repls and bookmark everything else lol lol