Can javascript and python work together?

Can javascript and python work together?

To do what? To defeat Godzilla? :wink:

Sure, any two languages can work together. You just need to have a way for them to communicate. Sometimes you can load up another languages code and run it from another using various libraries and interpreters.

Can you be more specific about what you want to do?

I wanted to create a responsive website with a dashboard feature, more like a membership and e-commerce website?

I wanted to use Flask or Django, which one do you recommend for a beginner, Django or Flask?

Sorry, I have never used either. I believe those are backend, for your server.

Think of it this way, imagine a newscaster on the nightly news. You have a pretty person on camera reading the news. That is the frontend, what you see on the screen of your computer. That newscaster has people “serving” him information to read and respond to. Those are the backend, the servers.

All web sites need a frontend, an app running in the browser. That will run with some combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Almost all non-trivial web sites will have a backend. You can write that in any language you want. The newscaster doesn’t care who is feeding him copy to read, as long as he gets the right stuff to read. Yes, you can write your backend with Flask or Django. Your frontend won’t know or care.

There is a button in the upper left of your screen, “Visit the Curriculum”. That is a free web dev course. The first few certifications are compatible with what you want to do. Then there’re a few more that explore more advanced topics. When you get to the Back end stuff, things diverge a little. We don’t use Python for a backend, we use JavaScript. It’s not better or worse, just a choice, part of the MERN stack.

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