Can not submit the last project

It looks like you had a web site update and now I cannot submit my last project.

Please help.

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import copy

import random

Consider using the modules imported above.

def experiment(hat, expected_balls, num_balls_drawn, num_experiments):

successes = 0


for n in range(num_experiments):

fail = False

x = copy.deepcopy(hat)

result = x.draw(num_balls_drawn)

#print (str(result))

if "yellow" in expected_balls.keys() and expected_balls["yellow"] > result.count("yellow"):

  fail = True

if "red" in expected_balls.keys() and expected_balls["red"] > result.count("red"):

  fail = True

if "green" in expected_balls.keys() and expected_balls["green"] > result.count("green"):

  fail = True

if "blue" in expected_balls.keys() and expected_balls["blue"] > result.count("blue"):

  fail = True

if not fail:

  successes += 1



return successes/num_experiments

class Hat:

def init(self, yellow=0,red=0,green=0,blue=0,test=0):

self.contents = list()

for b in range(yellow):


for b in range(red):


for b in range(green):


for b in range(blue):


def draw(self, balls=0):

out = list()

urn = copy.copy(self.contents)

for x in range(balls):

  r = random.randrange(len(self.contents))



  if len(self.contents)==0:

    self.contents = copy.copy(urn)

return out

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Challenge: Probability Calculator

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just a bit of patience, please, it has been unintentional, it will be fixed