Can PHP be used for other backend apps besides forms?

I know that PHP is usually for form submission and things like that, but is it possible to make other applications like anonymous message boards, multiplayer games, and more backend apps?

I know quite a lot more can be accomplished with other backend languages like node, express, python, etc; But I was just wondering.


You can achieve the same things with PHP as you can any of the other two languages you mention, it’s a general-purpose language.

But even under the banner “general purpose”, specific languages/runtimes are designed for different things, they have different tradeoffs. PHP will work great for message boards. Re games, games are client-side things, not backend. But for game servers, it would work absolutely fine for turn based multiplayer games (as would anything else). For real-time, it’s not built to do that; you can finagle it, but out of the three languages you mention, it’s the least suited (and none of those languages are really terribly suited to it, especially w/r/t physics).

Thanks for the info. I know that games are usually done with frontend languages/libraries but multiplayer ones aren’t.

Everything you said makes a lot of sense.
Thanks again.

It’s mostly C++ for either, though often used via a scripting language (C#, Python, Lua are fairly common) for programming the client.

C++ for instance if it comes to mmorpg