Can someone explain why the code below is the way it is?

Can someone please explain to me why:

let b = "0";
alert( Boolean(b) ); // true

I can be wrong but
you set a variable b to equal a string
since the string is a data type and has a value of 1
the use of a boolean on it makes it true

yes , Boolean(something) returns false only in 4 cases according to my knowledge
when something is an empty string , null, 0, or undefined
here they go,

console.log(Boolean("")); // false
console.log(Boolean(null)); // false
console.log(Boolean(0)); // false
console.log(Boolean(undefined)); // false

other than the above cases anything returns true as below

console.log(Boolean("0")); // true
console.log(Boolean({ name: "shiva" }));  // true
console.log(Boolean(5)); // true

since in the above case “0” is not an empty string , it returns true.

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since b = 0
and boolean expression accepts only two values i.e. 0 and 1
therefore the result gives out true
Otherwise in all other cases whether it is a null,empty string or any other number except 0 and 1, result will be false