Can someone help me with the survey form?

hi! im trying to finish the survey form, but im stuck on the checkboxes #14 :-(. Please help. Thank you!

What did i do wrong?

Please stop reviving year long inactive topics.
If you have a question, you can create a new topic.


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I apologize. Not sure what I am doing actually, but yes, Ill create new ones.

The full error message says this
All your checkboxes must have a value attribute : expected 7 to equal 3

You need to make sure your checkboxes have value attributes.

Hope that helps!


What’s the problem you are encountering

Hi! Somebody replied to my question. Not sure where to reply. U said it was closed, and i should create a new topic, but i guess somebody saw my question before u closed it??? I dont want to mistakenly start where Im not supposed to again :woozy_face: :nerd_face:

This post is not closed.

I closed this post

You are replying in the right place.

Did you understand the error message I pointed out?

Honestly, no. I included a value attribute (im giving 3 choices to check off and it’s 3 numbers) for each checkbox, but i still got the error:-(

I am looking at your code in the chrome developer tools and I don’t see value attributes here.

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That’s where the error is from?

I thought the error was from this part? :woozy_face:

I will put in value attributes to the part where you took a screenshot and check. Thanks for helping.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! It worked :grinning:. Scary that I didnt know where the error was coming from. Much to learn. Much much more, but THANKS SO MUCH. For being patient as well. :innocent:

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Hooray! :grinning:

In the future, when you have new questions you can use the new topic button and people will assist you there. :grinning:

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hehe! i promise i will and to be more careful and not just randomly ask :grinning:. thanks so much!!!

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