Can someone help me with this tribute page?

Im doing the tribute page to get the certificate and I’m only missing this objective:
User Story #8: The img element should responsively resize, relative to the width of its parent element, without exceeding its original size.
Can someone help me understand what I’m supposed to do please? This is the link to my profile:

Hi @felisilse !

When a test fails you need to make sure to read the FULL error message.
It will tell you what is missing from your code.

Open up the test suite and read the full message.
If you have further questions, reply back :grinning:

Hi, i tried putting the max-width: 100%; but it messes with the placement of the whol part and now im gettin 8/10 in the task because is not centered now.

The max-width property is just one of the things you need to add.
When you add that and open up the test suite again, you should see that the error message has changed.

Add that new property and open up the test suite again.
There will be one last new error message.
The last error message has to deal with using the margin property to center an image.
If you need help you can google, How to center an image css and it will show you the exact code on how to use the margin property.

When you do all of those things, then it will be centered and passing.

Hope that helps!

Thanks a lot but I figured something else out and it came exactly how I wanted it without changing anything of how to center the image. Thanks anyways again :slight_smile:

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