Can someone please help me create a simple photo retrieval app from Unsplash API?

Hello, I’m a non techie but would like to learn how things work. I was thinking of a one-page newsletter format landing page using Carrd with a brief description and email submission form. Enter email and get photos. Just need to connect APIs and a bit of technical guidance from the community or I’ll spend the next eternity to figure it out myself…

Thank you

The first thing I’d suggest is to watch this video:

Very clear and helpful. Make sure you download Postman app so you can follow along.

You also might want to try using pexels API before unsplash. I think you can get stuff without authentication. You can see a silly little thing I put together that gets pics from dog API (which I think gets pics from Pexels).

Thank you for replying CactusWren2020. Can you provide go a bit more in detail as to how do I make Pexels API and application that I’m working with communicate with each other? Do I simply test an API request and export the code snippet in my app (landing page builder)?

That’s a very open-ended question. Basically, an API is just a service that will send you stuff if you make a properly formed request. You’ll have to write code that sends those requests. The way to find out what the API wants is by reading the documentation. Note that most docs are made for people who already know how to do it, so you might need to go through some tutorials to get the hang of it.

Pexels API

One API that has incredible documentation and also an app attached to it so you can play around is the Marvel one.

A great API to get started is the Star Wars API.

Once you understand what the APIs are looking for, you will need to write code to process the data they send. So you’ll have to learn how to parse JSON and use various object-, array-, and string methods to make the data do what you want.

Good luck!