Can someone spot what I am doing wrong?

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const INCREMENT = "INCREMENT"; // define a constant for increment action types
const DECREMENT = "DECREMENT"; // define a constant for decrement action types

let initialState = {
count = 0

const counterReducer = (state = initialState, action) => {
switch (action.type) {
  case INCREMENT: 
  return state.count + 1
  case DECREMENT : 
  return state.count - 1
    return state;
}; // define the counter reducer which will increment or decrement the state based on the action it receives

const incAction = () => {
return {
  type : INCREMENT
};// define an action creator for incrementing

const decAction = () => {
return {
}; // define an action creator for decrementing

const store = createStore(counterReducer); // define the Redux store here, passing in your reducers

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Challenge: Write a Counter with Redux

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is this an object?

if it should be check there

Yeah it’s supposed to be an object. I changed the = to an :
Still something wrong though.

Hey there,

why do you think that the state is supposed to be an object?

If you change it to a simple primitive value, it will work.