Can the if statement be done on one line?

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Does it need to be four different (I guess) arguments in the if statement?

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let users = {
Alan: {
  age: 27,
  online: true
Jeff: {
  age: 32,
  online: true
Sarah: {
  age: 48,
  online: true
Ryan: {
  age: 19,
  online: true

function isEveryoneHere(obj) {
// Only change code below this line
if (users.hasOwnProperty() === 'Alan' && 'Jeff' && 'Sarah' && 'Ryan'){
return true;

}else {
return false
// Only change code above this line


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Challenge: Check if an Object has a Property

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This will not do what you think it does. First, hasOwnProperty must have an argument. Second, hasOwnProperty returns a boolean, not a string name. Third, multiple comparisons don’t quite work like that.

You will need four distinct conditional expressions for this challenge. You can put in all on one line if you like, but you will need a way to express the four separate conditional expressions no matter what. (They are very similar, so there is a way to use high order functions here to reduce duplicate code)


Thank you.

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