Can you change your name on freeCodeCamp?

Hey there!

I’ve started the freeCodeCamp program recently and I’m really liking it so far. I’ve reached the Tribute Page project and realized that when creating my profile I used my nickname (which I use almost universally) instead of my real name.

Considering that freeCodeCamp helps people tremendously in a professional/job-finding environment I was wondering if I can change the name to my real-name.

I figured I can just make a new account and redo the challenges up to this point, but before going ahead with that I thought I should ask here first.


Yes I recently changed my Codepen, Github, and FCC name (via updating/re-linking after changing GitHub). Main thing to consider is links to your stuff will be changed. This forum, however, seems to not allow one to change username.

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Thanks a lot for your replies! Was able to get my real name on my freeCodeCamp profile page by editing my GitHub name. Exactly what I wanted.

Thank you again!

I changed my GitHub username, exactly in order to change my username in FCC but that didn’t work. What I have to do besides changing the GitHub username?

How did you do that? I changed my GitHub name but I don’t know how to change FCC name.

The update was automatic but took some time.

On a similar note I started fcc and setup a new github account so that all my fcc work would be in that. However now think I would be better to use my original github account instead. So the question is “Can I change the github account that is connected to fcc before I start and commit any code to github?”

is too easy.

1-go to github and change your username.
2-in github delete your freecodecamp occount.
3-reconect your freecodecamp to github.
4-your acount will be changed.

happy coding.


I changed my name on GitHub, and it did change my freeCodeCamp name, but my forum name here on fcc remained the same. Any tips on that? It sucks having two different names for freeCodeCamp and forum.freeCodeCamp :frowning: