Cannon brick breaker game

Hi guys. I have the basic canvas drawn out for this game, but am lost on how I am supposed to get it to shoot and break the bricks, as well as set up the cannonball speed and timer.

@freecodethrowaway You are going to have to make an attempt at the code. We are not here to do your homework. If you have a codepen or jsfiddle or have a link to your code on github, please share. You will need to explain in detail what problems you are having with your code. We have no idea what level of JavaScript you already have, which is why we need to see what you have tried first, before we can even begin to give you advice.

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I cannot figure out how to get the ball to start at the position of the cannon, as when i try to insert position it caps out halfway through the canvas and move any more to the left. I also cannot why it does not clear the full rectangle, as I have it coded to do so.