Cannot contact recaptcha, check connection and try again

Hey campers, I am trying to login to to continue working on a project using my macbook pro. I was able to login last night, and today I was using another desktop at my work to login in with no problems. Now that I am home and on my macbook pro again, I can’t seem to login, an error message says “Cannot contact reCAPTCHA, check your connection and try again”. Then when I try again, a group of pictures come up asking me to click on the squares with cars in them to verify. I do this, and still I can’t login. This is very frustrating! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance

Since this is a problem with logging into Codepen, I suggest you contact Codepen about this issue. We have no affiliation with Codepen’s customer support.

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I have the same problem. I hope it get’s resolved soon…

Hi all,
I have the same issue since more than 3 hours from now. I have opened a ticket to Codepen’s support with the message and a screenshot of the browser in the developper tool. I am still waiting for an answer…

I cannot log into codepen myself.
reCAPTCHA does not work.

Yeah, same issue here. reCaptcha is not loading properly

I am also having the same problem logging into codepen. I just sent an email to support

Yes I am getting the same error. Glad to know it is with Codepen. Going to report the problem.

I just heard back from, they have fixed the bug, and we should be able to log in now.


Hi all again !
I 've received this answer few minutes ago from Codepen support

"We released a fix for this bug a few minutes ago. You’ll be able to login again.

Sorry about that. Thanks for reporting it."

I tried and it works have good coding ! :smiley: