Cannot Install Github Desktop

Hello, FCC Campers,

I have a problem with installing Github Desktop on My Computer.
It is say


I have Git Installed on my Computer.

I have Win7 64bit.
Can anyone help me?

Any answer is helpful

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if you google the error, what do you find?

I find some answers but not For Github

maybe it’s not an issue with the program specifically, but stops you from installing

What to do @ilenia ?

If you google you could find the solution, it’s not an issue with github specifically, it’s with windows

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When I googled the error, I see that this is a problem exclusively with Win 7. I think this is not a problem with GitHub as @ilenia said.

Maybe there is some settings to change? Have you installed any other apps before and encountered this problem?

Okay. @ilenia and @paulsonstech . i ill find the answer. Thank you for the guide.

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Hello There ~

I have installed many apps,but i can’t install github desktop.

What can be done?

contact support for your device

or you will have to do without and rely on the git commands

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I would just go with git commands.

It doesn’t take that long to get the hang of it.

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Do you have the Windows update installed that is linked to in this issue?

If you still can’t install it you should just learn the command line and/or use the Git VS Code integration. Between the two you really do not need GitHub Desktop.