Cannot pass Applied Visual Design: Learn about Tertiary Colors

Change the background-color property of the orange , cyan , and raspberry classes to their respective colors. Make sure to use the hex codes and not the color names.

I tried the hex code provided by my IDE. Then, when that didn’t work, I tried what the Solution said. That fails also. I cannot complete this because it will not accept anything I try.

    body {
        background-color: #FFFFFF;

    .orange {
        background-color: #FF7D00;

    .cyan {
        background-color: #00FFFF;

    .raspberry {
        background-color: #FF007D;

    div {
        height: 100px;
        width: 100px;
        margin-bottom: 5px;

<div class="orange"></div>
<div class="cyan"></div>
<div class="raspberry"></div>
The div element with class orange should have a background-color of orange.
The div element with class raspberry should have a background-color of raspberry.
// tests completed

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Challenge: Learn about Tertiary Colors

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Change the hex value to #FF7F00

Change the hex value to #FF007F

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That was it. Thank you for your help. I now see I wasn’t paying enough attention.