Cannot pass test 5 and 6 of APIS and microservices projects - Exercise Tracker

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Hello All,

The following tests failed:

  • test 5: You can make a GET request to /api/exercise/log with a parameter of userId=_id to retrieve a full exercise log of any user. The returned response will be the user object with a log array of all the exercises added. Each log item has the description , duration , and date properties.

  • test 6: A request to a user’s log ( /api/exercise/log ) returns an object with a count property representing the number of exercises returned.

Here is my test output for these tests:

// GET /api/exercise/log?userId=604c70ee41091601ca5a72bb
{"_id":"604c70ee41091601ca5a72bb","username":"nesta1","count":2,"log":[{"description":"exercise 1","duration":10,"date":"Sat Mar 13 2021"},{"description":"exercise 1","duration":20,"date":"Sat Mar 13 2021"}]}

Here is the test output from the FreeCodeCamp example (

// GET /api/exercise/log?userId=6045e4e56c1ac605e6029037
{"_id":"6045e4e56c1ac605e6029037","username":"nesta8","count":5,"log":[{"description":"exercise 1","duration":1,"date":"Fri Jan 01 2021"},{"description":"exercise 1","duration":1,"date":"Fri Jan 01 2021"},{"description":"exercise 2","duration":1,"date":"Fri Jan 01 2021"},{"description":"exercise 2","duration":2,"date":"Fri Jan 01 2021"},{"description":"test","duration":10,"date":"Tue Oct 10 2000"}]}

Both outputs are similar.

Test 7 is a pass. How can it pass and test 5 and 6 fail?
You can add from , to and limit parameters to a /api/exercise/log request to retrieve part of the log of any user. from and to are dates in yyyy-mm-dd format. limit is an integer of how many logs to send back.

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Line 53 - what happens when date is not provided?

Hi Jenovs,

When date is not provided in the form, the current date is used.

//POST /api/exercise/add
{"_id":"604c70ee41091601ca5a72bb","username":"nesta1","date":"Sun Mar 14 2021","duration":20,"description":"exercise 1"}

The code taking care of it is:

  if ( === '') = new Date();
  else = new Date(;

I use the following Schemas.

const logSchema = new Schema({
    description: { type: String, required: true },
    duration: { type: Number, required: true },
    date: Date
const userSchema = new Schema({
  username: { type: String, required: true },
  log: [{type: logSchema, required: true}]

Are you sure that if the date is not provided this condition will be true?
Add console.log and check what is the value of data.

I am not sure if I follow you about Add console.log and check what is the value ofdata ..

I added the console.log.

  if ( === '') = new Date();
  else = new Date(;

It shows:

That’s because you’re submitting via form which handles empty input as an empty string, but if you call api directly (what FCC tests do), date will be undefined.

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I was not aware or understood the way that FCC run the tests.

I will add the condition . It should be something like:

  if ( === '' || typeof === 'undefined') = new Date();
  else = new Date(;

Hi jenovs,

It works! Thanks again for this insightful information. I will never stop learning.

That’s the most common way you use an API. Learn about tool like Postman to test your APIs (

Also this:

  if ( === '' || typeof === 'undefined') = new Date();

could be reduced to:

if (! = new Date();
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I will definitely read and learn more on the subject. Thanks for pointing this out to me.
I greatly appreciate it!

Thanks for the tip about reducing the code.

hi, it seems like u passed test case #4.

can u help me with the output type and all that’s expected from test case #4?

any kind of help would mean a lot!

thank you! :slight_smile: