Cannot pass the Bootstrap: Create a Bootstrap Button challenge

Challenge is stating to: Create a new button element below your large kitten photo. Give it the btn and btn-default classes, as well as the text of “Like”.

I then code in: <button class="btn btn-button">Like</button>

Still does not pass. Here is a link to the challenge as well:

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“btn-button” is not the same as “btn-default”.

Im am not passing due to not completing this requirement: You should create a new button element with the text “Like”.

When I fix the error I pointed out and put that element in the correct place, it passes all tests. You may need to share your full code. If you’re still having problems.

you should use <button class="btn btn-default">Like</button> instead of
<button class="btn btn-button">Like</button>

there’s no ‘btn-button’ class in bootstrap.