Cannot pass Timestamp Microservice test, even though it does

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My Code passes all the test except

" Your project can handle dates that can be successfully parsed by new Date(date_string) "

However, my code clearly does this anyway. I’ve tried other users’ code and multiple different solutions but still no success. What am I missing?

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app.get("/api/timestamp", (req, res) => {
  let now = new Date();
    unix: now.getTime(),
    utc: now.toUTCString(),

app.get("/api/timestamp/:date_string", (req, res) => {
  let date_string = req.params.date_string;
  let passedInValue = new Date(date_string);

  if (parseInt(date_string) > 10000) {
    let unixTime = new Date(parseInt(date_string));
      unix: unixTime.getTime(),
      utc: unixTime.toUTCString(),

  if (passedInValue == "Invalid Date") {
    res.json({ error: "Invalid Date" });
  } else {
      unix: passedInValue.valueOf(),
      utc: passedInValue.toUTCString(),

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Challenge: Timestamp Microservice

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Do you have a link to your full project code?

What happens if you call /api/timestamp/05 October 2011?

It would appear the code you have posted would pass the tests, but would need to see how you have incorporated the code above into your overall project code to know for sure.

Lastly, what is the url you are submitting for the project? You may not be using the correct one.