Cannot POST /api/shorturl

Just starting the URL Shortener microservices project. Can’t get past this point.

Here’s my

A few things I’ve done already:

  • MongoDB / Mongoose versions are installed/in package.json and up to date (from here)

  • bodyParser is required and working (from here

  • originally had no forward slash in URL…I fixed this. have tried “/api/shorturl/new” and “/api/shorturl” and neither works

  • have tried swapping for app.get and neither has worked

A few ideas based on the forum:

What is the access function here? It seems like I just haven’t gotten to this point at the project yet.

Fixing parameters? I am not sure here. I already think I fixed issues with bodyParser.

Ideas/thoughts? Totally stuck.

The url in your html file: <form action="api/shorturl" method="POST"> should match the url in server.js:"/api/shorturl/new", ...)

If you change the url in your html file to api/short/url/new (the same as in server.js), you will see the output of anything you type in the form when you click “POST URL”.

Thank you so much! This fixed it!

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