Cannot see curriculum

I am having trouble opening the curriculum.
When I am in the main page and click “Go to coding curriculum” it sends me to “” as expected but the page is empty. Is anybody else having the same problem? Also, has anyone from the Freecodecamp team detected any issue?

This has started happening to everyone in the last hour or so. Please be patient. Maybe stretch your legs or have a snack.

Yes is happening here too.The site seems to be down.I was on a coding streak :frowning:

Any idea how long the issues will last?

Nope. I’m not one of the people who puts out fires like this. (Which is good, because just addressing all the forum questions and complaints has been pretty much nonstop for a day and a half.)

there should be a me too emoji lol

It seems to be at least partly fixed. I still see the “Sign in” button for a few seconds to a minute when I change pages, but then my avatar replaces it.