Can't add external CSS from GitHub to freeCodecamp


I can’t add the external CSS to <div> as requested to pass this exercise

I put the external CSS on my GitHub and I made sure to put the <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href=">"

why linking the CSS on GitHub to freeCodeCamp does not work ?


This is a misunderstanding: “External” doesn’t mean coming from an external source like GitHub.

It simply means coming from the CSS file. Put a span into the div, write some text in the span and give it a text color in styles.css, since you can only use type selectors (One solution).

In contrast to inline styles and CSS defined in style tags that are on the HTML page.

Got it, external CSS might refer to an absolute or a relative URL

in this exercise I thought only about the absolute URL option

I tried Tailwind CSS by adding their cdn into the HTML:

<script src=""></script>

and it worked and got accepted!

Will also work with Bootstrap probably.

So I stand corrected that only the CSS file is the solution. GitHub probably didn’t do it if you tried to link the raw file from the depository. You need to host the CSS somewhere.

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