Can't align input radio button

hi i want to align the radio button to left but i cant how can i do that

<label id="recommend">
  Would you recommend freeCodeCamp to a friend?
<input name="attribute" type="radio" value="definitely"/>definitely
<input name="attribute" type="radio" value="Maybe"/>
<input name="attribute" type="radio" value="notsure"/>not sure

Try adding <br>'s (line breaks)

The ultimate goal is do handle spacing with CSS but without seeing your full code it’s hard to make suggestions in that area.

Also be careful with spelling: </lable>

Hi @aysanahmadi7,
I agree with @ThatTyGuy:

be careful with spelling: </lable>

To align radio buttons to the left wrap each radio button with a label and the inputs with their label with a div, like this:

<div class="radios-container">
  <label><input name="attribute" type="radio" value="definitely"/>definitely</label>
  <label><input name="attribute" type="radio" value="Maybe"/>Maybe</label>
  <label><input name="attribute" type="radio" value="notsure"/>not sure</label>

Apply to the div element some CSS:

.radios-container {
  display: flex;
  flex-direction: column;


Then apply some style to improve the visual design. :wave:

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