Can't change font-weight on h1-h6 tags

I think this should be possible right?

I’m using google fonts. I tried both 300 and 900 and it made no difference.

It works fine for me. Are you saying you do not see a difference for the “HISTORY, PURPOSE AND USAGE” text?

h2 {
  font-size: 20px;  
  font-family: 'Muli', sans-serif;  
  color: #86c232;
  font-weight: 900;
  /* comment this out to see the difference */
  font-weight: 300;


That’s so weird. Here’s what I see.

font-weight: 900

font-weight: 300

That’s odd. What browser are you using? (I’m guessing Chrome, looking at the scrollbar).

Can you try right-clicking the h2 and select Inspect, then look at the styles (Chrome dev tools).

Just because I’m curious, does using bold instead of 900 do anything?

I was busy I took some time off, but I’ve just returned to find it working just fine now. I haven’t even touched the code but I can change the font weight just fine now :man_shrugging: