Can't figure out how to remove elements from array

I have created the To Do List App with React. Everything worked but I wanted to make that, when the checkboxes are checked that element should be removed from a list array.

The structure of my web-app
  • There is an input which you can type in string.
  • There is a button and when you clicked it, check if the input is not a string with spaces or empty string and if the string is not those than push it to the component’s state.list array.
  • There is a constant list which is declared in render method and it map the component’s state.list array and make checkboxes for each string.

Here, the link:

Thank you!

could you put it up on a code pen or replit?

@caryaharper Sorry I added the link like this [To Do List App]( I edit the post and added the link on anther line!

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I made an onDelete handler to be used onChange for your checkbox inside your map function and I have the onChange have an anon function callback that calls the onDelete which I hand the id provided by the map and use to delete the the right items

@caryaharper Sorry :sweat_smile:, What do you mean?

//this does the work of actually doing the deleting
handleDelete(index) {
      list: [...state.list.slice(0, index), ...state.list.slice(index + 1)]

//this is mostly what you've written, but with the added onChange
{, id)=><div className="td-li" key={id}><input type="checkbox" onChange={() => this.handleDelete(id)}/>{text}</div>)}

@caryaharper @RandellDawson Thanks!

It worked perfectly as I expected!

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