Can't find the module in React.js

Hey I’m getting an error for react.js for registerSericeWorker(); I did install the creat-react-app and npm install, it supposed to come all together didn’t it? That’s what I’m getting as an error

Module not found: Can't resolve './registerServiceWorker' in '/Users/batuhandogan/Desktop/practicing-react/portfolio-with-routes/src'

Have you deleted, modified or touch any other file?

Also the newer version of CRA rely either on npm init, npx or yarn create to initialise the app. Perhaps npm install is no longer needed.

Refer to the create a new app section of the document for further details.

No actually I didn’t, everything else it works besides this actullay. And like a week ago I’ve been using react and everything worked fine.

So I just took it off and it works fine, and seems like registerServiceWorker it’s not even a big deal right know, thank you for your help!